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Detailed Description of Your Personality

Your Reports will help you understand your Personality, Strength Behaviors, Motivational Needs from the Work Environment and your Stress Behaviors.

Understand Who You Are and What You Are Good At

Your Reports will help you discover your Career Strengths and Natural Abilities.

Unique Career Code

Your Reports have a unique approach based on a Scientific Framework that will help you Simplify the Complex World of Careers.

Unique Recommendations

Your Reports will help you Make the Right Decisions on Subjects, Courses & Careers.

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To know more about the test and its outputs, click on below Sample Questions, Sample Reports and Explanatory Videos.

Sample Questions

Sample Reports

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How college smart Career Tests Work?

The best academic & career choices are those that are in line with ‘who you are’ and ‘what you are good at’. College Smart Career Tests assess your Personality, Aptitude, Motivations & Interests (‘who you are’), and identify your Career Strengths (‘what you are good at’) and give you a unique Career Code (a unique combination of four profiles: Innovator, Builder, Communicator & Enabler). This combination of inputs is then used to recommend Subjects, Courses and Careers that you are most likely to succeed in.


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What makes us Unique

Takes only 60-90 minutes

Spend a few minutes and shape your career with the most revealing recommendations

Reports available within 2 hrs

We will prepare your reports within 2 hrs and provide you with best-in-class results

Authentic & Credible

Assessment approach and personalized recommendations are based on a patented algorithm that classifies Students across a unique combination of 4 Profiles by testing them on Personality, Aptitude, Motivations & Interests

Fun to Take!

These are a set of simple psychometric questions that assess your answers in different situations. Just be yourself while taking the tests! No prior preparation is required.