Fresh new News Feline Litter

Fresh News is an environmentally friendly pussy-cat litter. It is 3x even more absorbent than traditional clay-based cat litter and uses baking soda pop to help reduce the effects of odours from your cats’ waste.

It’s as well 99% airborne dust free and non-allergenic so that it is perfect for people with asthma, allergic or other respiratory conditions! The odor-trapping granules are the best in class and knuckle down to keep your home smelling fresh.

Want to know the best part is that Clean News is made from 100% recycled paper. It means it can help to save trees simply by diverting daily news from landfills and is biodegradable!

One bunch of recycled paper helps you to save about three cubic yards of landfill space. It can also be composted and utilized as a garden soil amendment or mulch.

Unlike traditional litters, Fresh new News is certainly not made from sodium bentonite or different chemicals that react to water and heap when wet. It means that it does not clog up the litter box, a big plus for people with household pets who have difficulties with odor control and clumping litters.

It is also low-tracking which is a good thing for those who have cats that like to track their litter box around the home. Lastly, it is a great way to save money on cat litter. It is an inexpensive choice that you just and your pet will both like! You can get a pound of it for the purpose of as little simply because $1. forty-nine. It is a will need to have for any pet owner!

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