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To touch and transform the lives of a million students

About Us

Emmversity Global Solutions is a brainchild of Ms Navya Mehta who is an International Certified Career Coach.

College Smart was launched with a purpose to empower students with the right knowledge to make informed career choices and decisions.

The Director at College Smart is a US graduate from a Top 10 Business School and has counselled more than 250 students academically, personally and professionally.

Emmversity Global Solutions was launched with a purpose to touch and transform the lives of the students we come across. With a goal to help studying abroad affordable, College Smart has a carefully curated budget program so students can save money while still getting quality education. Our Founder and Director, saved more than USD 65,000.

At College Smart, we provide the following services:

Aptitude Test/ Psychometric Testing
Subject selection
Profile Building Assistance

Life Skills Training

College Exploration & Research
Testing Registration & Assistance

Access to extracurricular opportunities(Regional, International)

Summer School Selection and application

Resume Writing

University shortlisting

University applications

Scholarship Assistance

Summer Enrichment Programs

Pre Departure Orientation

VISA Filing and application

Post departure counseling

Budget Program

At College Smart, whether you are applying abroad or in India- we help you become a better version of yourselves who is better prepared for their career. Join us to take a leap

Worried about how to proceed next? Let’s chat over coffee!

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Navya Mehta

International Certified Career Coach

Founder, Director- Emmversity Global Solutions (College-Smart)

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